Friday, December 20, 2013

A 'Lila' Loopsy 3rd birthday party

So Lila turned 3 a few days ago. My sweet little baby girl. No longer a baby and barely a toddler. She is heading in to 'preschooler' territory. 

And for this past year, she has been obsessed with the idea of having a 'la la loopsy party'. It is all she has talked about-for a whole year! The funny thing is, she had never even seen a la la loopsy episode. We dont have pay tv. She just happened to see the toys at a friends house one day and has not stopped talking about them ever since. 

DIY La La Loopsy invitations

our sweet little 'crumbs sugar cookie'

complete with 'only-for-the-birthday-girl' headband

and just because Lila was dressing up, Marley had to as well. 

Really getting in to character...

viola! I cant tell if it's creepy or cute. Either way, would of made a great Halloween costume had it not been her birthday party

Pink, orange and yellow were the colours of the party. Complete with lots of clashing patterns!

DIY 'Crumbs Sugar Cookie' cake 

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and sugar buttons

cloud  sugar cookies with blue 'stitching' detail

pink and yellow striped paper straws in DIY washi taped jar

thank you bags

self serve drink station with colourful dotty paper cups

 We had the party at home and it was so nice to have our friends and family here for one last soiree in the little house........wait, whaaaaaat!?!! 
Yes, you read that right..... More on that to come!

I wont bore you with all the itty bitty decorating details but if you have any questions about what, why or how I did something, or where I sourced something, please feel free to add your questions in to the comments section. 

 Lisa xx

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  1. Waooo! Such a pretty cake and colorful balloons with cupcakes is also eye catching. Party ideas are vast in number that it becomes quite difficult to go for the best one. My sister arranged her daughter's birthday and fashion theme decor was complementing the venues in Chicago recently. Gifts and favors were pretty and Chocó chip cookies were my favorite.