Monday, February 18, 2013

Teddy Bears Picnic Party

Before Marley's 1st birthday party, I had already decided on the theme for his second birthday. 

This was back in the day when I was convinced I was destined to be a mother of only boys. I just knew our next child was going to be another boy and a third was completely out of the question. 

So I figured my only chance to throw a teddy bears picnic, was going to be for Marley's 2nd birthday, while he was still little and cute and loved his teddy bear and was too young to care about batman or Ben 10. 

I went into a lot of effort for the party, like a crazy amount of DIY was happening all over the place. I partly blame it on the pregnancy hormones but the reality is, im just crazy like that. 

Party table

A couple of months before the party, I set about making and gathering decorations. The first thing I did was make this tree back-drop out of brown and green card. Took me back to my primary school days! And you can't beat cheap-as-chips for budget decorations like this red-gingham table cloth. I think it was about $2. seriously! 

Teddy Bears Picnic party cake with matching cupcakes

The cake took FOREVER! All those little fondant decorations, and that picnic blanket was certainly no picnic to make. And you wouldn't believe how bad my hands cramped up piping all that grass BUT the cake turned out alright in the end and the buttercream grass tasted so yummy and not like grass at all. 

teddy bears lolly bags
The lolly bags were brown paper bags, filled with lollies of course. Red and blue personalised labels with a teddy bear cut out and red gingham bows to finish.

Teddy Bear racers

Beehive pinata

My first and only attempt so far at a DIY pinata. This thing took waaaay longer than I expected! I buy them pre-made these days....

the teddy bears picnic

Picnic for the teddy bears....they must be running late!

Pin the bow-tie on the teddy bear game

DIY pin the bow-tie on the teddy bear. This was a bit cute!

My beautiful blonde boy (left) back when he still had a hint of curls

So that was Marley's 2nd birthday. Now, he is a big 4 year old! And the batman and transformers and lego talk has been going on awhile now. We've done Under the Sea, a Teddy Bears Picnic, a train party and a beach party. I have managed to avoid a character themed party so far, but im sure ive got one coming for the big 5 party this year.

 Lisa xx

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