Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, hello

Wow, talk about procrastination! Ive been putting off starting this blog for months simply because I had no idea what to write for that dreaded first post! What should I say? How should I say it? Do people even care for what I have to say? Do I care if people care or dont care about what I have to say?? ?????????
But hey, Im here now, typing away as the thoughts roll out my head through to my fingertips and hit these keys.

Im reluctant to make any sort of crazy promises that I will post every day or even every week for that matter. Im b.u.s.y! I have two children, Marley is 3 and a half, Lila is 16 months old.

Yeh, so what I here you say, millions of people have two kids! Hmmm, but im also notoriously unorganised and untidy and when you throw in two littlies, a husband who works ALL THE TIME, our own small business and my tafe studies, it leaves little time for everything else.

BUT, I will endeavour to keep this blog going. I have a kazillion ideas and projects that I want to do and I want somewhere to chronicle everything in the one place. And hey, if you happen to like something I have done and it steers you in my direction, awesome-welcome!

So what will you find here?
  • Our own little house's projects and reno details
  • Lots of inspiration from other 'little houses'
  • Crafty and sewing projects
  • lots of cake and cupcake decorating!!
  • party planning and styling
  • lots of interior design and decoration inspiration
  • lots of pics and funny stories of my gorgeous, cheeky, crazy kids. They are my life after all.
  • and Im sure my husband will get a look in from time to time as well
Let's get started then!

Lisa xx

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