Monday, February 18, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Day 5: Costly little reminders

So today I got home to discover a GINORMOUS very unexpected bill just casually sitting there in my letterbox. Its absolutely my most favourite thing ever. Totally. I'm not joking not even a little bit. Actually yes, im completely joking because no one in the history of the world would ever consider 'ginormous unexpected bills' as their most favourite thing!


So I got a little stressed (as you would expect) and I got a little angry with myself. I was all like 'self, seriously, get organised already!'

There is nothing I can do about the bill. It has to be paid. But there is something I can do about making sure I know when they are coming. So its time to get all grown up and sort my sh*t out-for realz this time. 

Im grateful for this (painfully expensive) yet very timely kick-oneself-up-thy-butt reminder. Its time to get organised!

Lisa xx

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