Thursday, February 14, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Day 1: The Husband

Today, on this first day of {The Grateful Project} and as it so happens to be Valentines Day, I am grateful for my husband Paul. 

The husband.

I am grateful my parents finally made the decision to move back home to Adelaide, after much pestering on my part.

I am grateful for, on my very first day of my new school, walking into that classroom 13 years ago, and sitting next to that girl, who happened to be dating this other guy who just happened to be cousins with this other guy named Paul. 

I am grateful that Paul chose me.

I am grateful that after so many loser boyfriends, Paul was actually a nice guy. 

I am grateful that he asked me to move in with him, to the house that he had worked so hard and saved so much to have. 

I am grateful that he asked me to marry him and Im grateful he made me wait as long as he did, for I really was not ready before then. 

Im grateful that he really wanted to have kids. 

Im grateful that he is such a good father.

Im grateful that he works so hard.

Im grateful that we are still together.

Im grateful that we can fight and argue and I can yell and scream, and be really mad at him, and know that he will still be here.

Im grateful that he puts up with me, messy, unorganised, fiesty me.

Im grateful to have had the same Valentine for 13 years. 

Who are you most grateful for?

Lisa xx

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