Friday, February 15, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Day 2: Life's little lessons-Loving my children

This morning I received a phone call.
It is one I've had many times before. And every time it brings all these 'mother issues' up which I hate to think of.
I prefer to live in my bubble and not think of icky, feel-sorry-for-myself things like that. 

So today, im grateful that the way I was 'brought' up has made me the kind of mother I am today. No matter how crazy my kids make me, the spirited little delights that they are, they are, and always will be, the absolute most important people in my life. 

My kids are everything to me.

I assume most people feel the same way, but every now and then, I get a nasty little reminder that to some people (that I happen to be related to), this is not the case. Not.even.close. 

I cant imagine an event in my life more important than caring for my children.
I cant imagine another person being more important to me than they are.
I cant imagine not being there for them or being apart of their lives.
I cant imagine living around the corner from them, but not seeing them or speaking to them for months.

I am grateful that my kids will never ever doubt my love for them or how much I care for them or that I would go to the ends of the earth for them, for I tell them 

my sleeping beauties
So, today, Im grateful that despite having grown up with a very different 'parenting style', Im different. 

Im not perfect, far from it. 

But I love my kids with total and complete passion, so much so that I am consumed by thoughts of them constantly.
How to parent them.
How to care for them.
Am I doing things the right way? 
Am I feeding them properly?
Am I doing enough activities with them? 
Are they having fun?

If nothing else, I am totally and completely madly in love with my kids, and they know that.

And that my friends,makes me feel incredibly grateful. 

What little life lessons are you most grateful for?

Lisa xx

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