Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Day 17- Friends

Friends. Thank god you can choose them. I have some of the best, if I don't say so myself. And oh my, I am so incredibly grateful to have them all in my life.

I have my 'mum friends' who I've met since having children. We all had babies around the same time and now we hang out and the kiddos play whilst we have coffee and share our horror stories. Every now and then we are lucky enough to go out and catch-up without children and instead, wine. Now that is always a fun time to be had! 

'mothers group'

Then there are my 'single and child-less' friends although most of them aren't single anymore and a few now have kids, even step-kids. They are the ones that know the latest pubs and clubs to go to, the ones in the latest fashions, smashing it in the career fields and generally having the time of their lives. jealous? me, never! Ok maybe a little bit but I wouldn't trade places with them. I still get to go out every now and then but I have my kids everyday and that beats any club or corporate ladder.

party time!
Fiji, one thousand years ago

There are our couple friends. Most of whom we have known since we got-together, nearly 13 years ago! We've gone through weddings and divorces, babies and miscarriages. We've been through alot together and you know they will always have your back, and you theirs. 
Our very dear friends wedding, 4 years ago

two of my closet friends on our Melbourne trip last year

I have alot of friends and Im grateful for of them. I don't get to spend time with any of them anywhere near enough but we are all busy and they get that. Im so grateful to have friends that organise stuff though because without those friends, I probably wouldn't see anyone-ever.

Sunday brunch dates with these chicks
 Thank you ladies. 

Lisa xx

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