Friday, March 1, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Day 9-Dates with the little man

{I am well aware it has been over a week since my last post. It has also been precisely a week since we went over our GB allowance with our new Internet plan and they slowed our speed to an excruciatingly sloooooooooowww speed to the point that it was pointless even trying to use the Internet. I gave in last night and doubled our allowance, a girl cant deal with this no internet thing!}

Day 9

So it was last Friday (Day 9) that I finally got a chance to spend some much needed quality time with the little man. It doesn't happen anywhere near often enough. Partly because there is this other little person around all the time and partly because Marley is such a daddy's boy that usually they go off and do their boy thing while the little lady and I do our girl things (like this time).

But last Friday, I finally had an opportunity to spend some time just with him. We went to the movies, we had lunch, we had coffee (he had a babycino), we even went shopping. 

our valentines present from the little man

He soaked it all up {I love watching him watching everything}. He asked questions. We talked. 

We talked about his new kindergarten and the friends he had made there, we talked about what he is going to be when he grows up (his latest is either a 'fireman' or a 'dad'), we hung out. It was awesome. 

Im grateful for days like this. I know all too well, that they are limited. One day, he will be able to think of nothing worse then going to the movies and shopping with his mother. So im going to enjoy these days while I have them.

ok so I caved and bought him some new cars. How could I resist?

Lisa xx

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