Saturday, March 2, 2013

{The Grateful Project} Days 10-16: Time

I had every intention of doing a separate post for each day of the last week. But the more I thought about all the posts I wanted to write, the more I realised that each moment I have been grateful for, all comes down to the same thing...time.

I'm feeling so grateful right now, to time. 

Right now, time is on my side, on my family's side. The kiddos are still so young and even though time is constantly ticking, right now they are here with me. And I am here with them. 

coffee dates with the little lady

turning boxes of wine into works of art

still little enough to squash side-by-side in the trolley

I have become so painfully aware lately how limited this time really is. Whether it is due to the little man starting kindergarten and the incredible changes I have seen in him as a result, or if its due to the recent time I have spent alone with Lila, and noticing how quickly she is growing up, I am constantly aware that this time is precious. 

I caught Marley helping Lila put on her shoes...proud mummy moment!

Last week I toured one of the schools we are considering enrolling Marley in. All too soon, I am going to be a 'school Mum'. We are going to be doing lunches and school runs and readers and after-school sports and he is going to be gone all day, five days a week. I keep thinking 'that's it', like once he starts school, its all over. 

yes it is

I have been loving mornings lately. Those blissful moments when the kids have climbed in to bed with me and we all lie there snuggling together, them watching cartoons and me stealing a few more precious minutes of sleep. Already we are at a stage of having to be somewhere every morning by a certain time but its still pretty casual. Casual in the way that its not a big deal if we run a few minutes late to swimming lessons or to kindergarten. Next year were going to have to be on a.....schedule!

so relax!

I am grateful to still be at home. All too soon, it will be time for me to return to work. And that is exciting, scary and sad. I will not only be a 'school mum' then but a 'working school mum'.

always, always choose the kids

Right now Im just grateful for the kisses and cuddles and tickle fights. Im taking more time when I go to check in on them before I go to bed, just to soak up a little more of the adorable that is a sleeping child. 

Im finding that im willing them to come in to our room and hop in to bed with us, just so I can fall asleep with them tucked safely in my arms. 

All I want to do right now is just be where they are. I just can not get enough of them and that is a wonderful feeling.  

Lisa xx

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